Want To Race?

 General Race Information

So you are thinking about racing?  Here is some handy information to get you started;

[Please Note: the information shown here is only to be used as a guide only and as such, there are numerous rules and regulations that are not mentioned.  If you do intend to race, you must read the TERC rules in full and understand what your and our requirements are. Please direct further enquires to info@taserc.com or at Trailriderz.com.]

Who can race?

Senior and Quad events are for riders 16 years and over, Junior Events are open to children at least 4 years of age from the 1st of January each year. There are competitive and non-competitive ladies races.

+ First of all you need a motorbike or quad that is commercially available and it must meet our scrutineering standards.

Some of the items that are checked are:

  • Brake and clutch levers are not broken
  • Bar ends are plugged
  • Brakes work
  • Chain and Sprockets are good
  • No loose spokes
  • Reasonable tyres
  • Race numbers are clear
  • Wheel bearings are good
  • Good general mechanical condition
  • No obvious defects

This is not the full list and there are further requirements for quads. Further details are in the TERC rules.

+ You will also need some compulsory protective gear;

  • Off-road motorcycle boots
  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Approved motorcycle helmet
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Sturdy trousers
  • Knee guards (except quads)
  • We recommend the use of body armour, neck braces and elbow guards

+ Ok, so what does it cost?

All must be financial members of the club; the annual fee is $100 for a Senior/ Junior/ Quad or $120 for a family.
If you only want to try and see if you like racing, a day memberships is available for $50.

Race entry is TBC for senior and quad riders, TBC for juniors. There is a $10 fee for every extra class entered. This applies to Grass Track racing where there are opportunities to enter multiple classes.

If you want you can purchase a AMB transponder and your result will be scored and points gained will go towards the series points for the year. Trophies are awarded for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place in all classes. If you would like more information on purchasing a transponder click (here). If not, you can still race, however your results will not be recorded.

+ There are different types of events

Grass Track racing is held in natural terrain paddocks.  A loop is around 1km and each race is 3 laps.  There are different classes depending on your ability and the size (capacity) of your bike.  There are three rounds in each class and there is the opportunity to ride in a number of classes.

Enduro racing is based on completing a certain amount of laps of a loop which may range from 25 to 45km. This is bush riding including single line trails, fire breaks, hills, bog holes etc. The number of laps depends on what grade you enter. Grades are Expert, A grade, B grade, C grade and Over 35 years old. Entry level is C grade. There are no motorcycle capacity classes, you can ride what size bike you like.

Pony Express racing is similar to enduro racing, however you can race with a matein a team on the same bike or one each. Each rider takes his turn on the circut, tagging his partner who then continues.  Lap distances a shorter than in an enduro. Laps take around 20-30 minutes. The race is scored by completing the most amount of laps in 4 hours.

Alternatively, if you are not real keen on racing and you have reasonable skills you can sign up to sweep ride for an event. Sweep riders are responsible for repairing track marking, attending to injured riders and updating the Clerk of the Course on the condition of the track. Entry is free but you must complete the indemnity and membership forms.

+ What about the kids?

Junior races are similar to the senior format. Racing at Grass Tracks is held on a smaller track generally on the same day that seniors race.  There are a number of different classes based on experience and bike size. Enduros and Pony Express races are held on Saturday the day before the seniors on smaller or modified tracks. Juniors race shorter distances and for less time. Junior only events are held from time to time. Transponders are now used on junior classes Trail B and above. 
More transponder information can be found here, and a list of junior classes can be found in the TERC Rules.

+ So your keen, what do you do next?

Check out the Race Calendar. Here will be information on location, times and type of the next upcoming race. The Indemnity/Entry Form will be available to be downloaded and printed around two weeks from the event. READ the form, fill the form in and bring it to the event. If you are not a member you will be required to fill in a Membership Form and bring that too.

Take note of thecut-off time that entries are accepted on the day and ensure that you give yourself enough time to get to the venue,  to enter and have your bike scrutineered before the deadline. 

Parking is provided, however some areas are difficult to access and are 4WD only. Plan ahead and if you are unsure there are contact numbers listed under Next Event Details.

All you need to do now is race and have some fun ......